Portfolio composition

Feature Description Benefit
Portfolio Composition
Compose, compare and optimize project portfolio alternatives from project outlines and plans. A portfolio of high-value projects aligned with the organizational goals, based on solid business case input.
Project Input
  • Project input data entry by the project owner or product specialist
  • Input of project properties, project planning (timing, staffing, costs), risks, and benefits (which markets are addressed and how)
  • Versioning of all input over time to incrementally capture new insights
  • High-level actuals to monitor progress
  • Integrated management of supporting documents and links
  • Annotation of inputs for capturing comments
  • Quick what-if updates for chosen key inputs
Business Innovation Model
  • Project partnering configurations (costs, resourcing, as well as revenues are shared with external partners)
  • Build-in support for initial and recurring revenues (with an installed base model)
  • Mix of external and internal funding
Goal Setting and Monitoring
  • Explicit definition of business goals and constraints, such as growth, profitability, maximum R&D costs, as well as non-financial targets such as sustainability improvements
  • Management of portfolio balance requirements across different dimensions (stages, type of innovation, markets, etc.)
  • Portfolio checks for contribution to these goals
Portfolio Optimization
  • Choice of optimization goals and automatic generation of optimal portfolio compositions within constraints.
  • Signalling of changes in optimal portfolio composition when project data changes
  • Interactive adjustment and combination of portfolio compositions

Insight analysis

Feature Description Benefit
Insight Analysis
FLIGHTMAP offers powerful and relevant analyses of each project and of the full portfolio. Address all what-if questions for the portfolio so consequences of decisions are clear.
Project Analysis
  • Full financial analyses (P&L and cash flow), including the financial forecasts over time (of the business case)
  • Risk-adjusted financial analysis with proper inclusion of stage progress probabilities and launch success rate
  • Key performance indicators (KPI-s) per project based on (a combination of) the plan and the actuals
  • Analysis of value (NPV), strategic score, total cost, resourcing, and indicators for project status, data quality, project progress, and risk
  • Sensitivity analysis on each KPI to identify project improvement areas
Financial and Strategic Portfolio Analysis Model
  • Portfolio-level calculation of total financial and strategic impact
  • Analysis of future revenues, profits, costs, cash flows (and their components) for each portfolio composition
  • Strategic scoring mechanism for integrating strategic value in the portfolio analysis
Portfolio Resource Planning
  • Dynamic resource forecasting for each portfolio alternative with proper inclusion of stage progress probabilities
  • Interactive exploration of postponing projects, bringing in additional resources, and various partnering options
Portfolio Visualization
  • Real-time portfolio composition visualizations in X-Y bubble plot, funnel chart, roadmap
  • All resource and financial parameters over time (from revenue to cash flow)
  • Tabular overviews of all projects and their KPIs (with export to Excel)
  • Portfolio balance charts for determining contribution to value, costs, resourcing of individual projects and sub portfolios
Reporting and Exports
  • Standard user-defined export to Word, PowerPoint, and PDF document for project and portfolio inputs, analysis, and outputs
  • On-the-fly report construction during analysis
  • All numerical and financial analysis results export to Excel
  • Customizable document templates

Progress monitoring

Feature Description Benefit
Progress Monitoring
On-going tracking of the status of running projects, to complement the planned input. Include status of running projects as well as new proposals for integral portfolio-level decision making.
Funnel Management
  • Funnel chart showing progress through stages and planned and actual risk reduction
  • Portfolio roadmap GANTT chart for quarterly planning
Activity Monitoring
  • Earned value based progress monitoring for projects versus their planning and signals deviations for re planning
  • Project history over versions in X-Y bubble plot with development of cost, risk, and value over time

Business intelligence

Feature Description Benefit
Business Intelligence
Use external market and logical developments as input for project and portfolio analysis. Outside-in market and technology information is built into the decision-making process consistently.
Market Intelligence
  • Explicit management of market trends (market size, customer value and profitability) with portfolio impact of trends
  • Consistent analysis of all projects targeting the same market, including market segmentation and grouping>
  • Plug-in custom market model functionality for dedicated market logic
Technology Intelligence
  • Technology roadmaps with forecasts of technology performance linked to product or service costs with impact of technology trends
  • Technology platform projects linking to derived projects
  • Plug-in custom technology functionality for dedicated algorithms
  • Assign partners to projects indicating their contribution
  • Manage partner data consistently across the portfolio
Scenario Analysis
  • Impact modelling with scenarios across markets, technologies, and portfolios

Process control

Feature Description Benefit
Process Control
FLIGHTMAP tracks data entry and verifies data quality. Decisions are based on information with a clear status and of sufficient quality.
Roles and authorisation
  • Project leader role: enters, updates, and owns project data, and analyses own project, assign rights to others for viewing or editing their project data
  • Portfolio manager role: owns (part of) the portfolio, analyses alternatives, and captures the decision (by approving projects), assign rights to others for viewing or editing their portfolio
  • General manager role: assigns portfolio managers to each portfolio
  • Analyst role: checks project data by means of project and portfolio analysis, can set status accordingly and create and manage alerts
  • Administrators manage the portal and the user accounts, users manage their own account settings (such as their password, e-mail notification, defaults)
Data Quality and Alerts
  • Interactive data quality checklist configuration for the analyst
  • Automatic data quality analysis and reporting
  • Built-in versatile alert mechanism to resolve data quality issues, remarks and actions
Workflow and Approvals
  • Customizable workflow and approval mechanism per project for each stage in the stage-gated process
  • Portfolio level approvals linking to budgeting process
  • Quick task overview per user for pending tasks in the workflow
Innovation Calendar
  • Management of portfolio and project reviews (type, scope, frequency, and dates)
  • Data quality tracking for reviews during the preparation period
Defaults Configuration
  • Administrator toolbox for default values, admin settings, user management
  • Extensive configuration options for terminology and KPI selection, business logic, and process flow